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Testimonials: Testimonials

I think it’s the energy & inventiveness from teachers that goes into lessons that kids love, it’s never boring. Classes are always tuned into what’s going on in the bigger world, from tik toc to Instagram or zoom, everything feels right on trend. The excitement of knowing that there’s competitions or performances always coming up, the pride of being associated with a musical theatre school that is rapidly making a name for itself on several fronts. I think these are things that are enjoyed by pupils as well as being around similar minded young people who love what they do.

Confidence is the obvious thing benefit to being in MTAN, The joy in being able to express yourself, the joy in achieving a new dance step or increased flexibility from Acro, something you couldn’t do before, the fun of being with like-minded people. The realisation that there are activities out there for kids who mightn’t necessarily be sporty but who have a love of movement and expression. Musical Theatre Nenagh has sustained my child’s interest over several years to the point that she is now doing all 3 classes offered in dance, Acro and singing/acting.

Teachers are dynamic, encouraging, cutting-edge, inventive, fun, and young at heart. Pupils relate to teachers. Teachers are constantly learning and updating themselves but without putting any pressure on students. Teachers have effortlessly instilled in students the love of learning. You never get the feeling from MTAN teachers that they are ,’just going through the motions.’


Musical theatre for me is a way of expressing myself through performance and MTAN has helped me and supported me throughout. Everyone at MTAN is so supportive and everyone is able to be themselves in the classes as no one judges anyone. I have been given so many amazing opportunities because of MTAN and hopefully many more will arise.

MTAN has taught me to be fearless and confident when i’m performing and any opportunity that arises I go for it. No matter how impossible it seems, it is always possible with hard work and teamwork.


My children have grown to love the stage. They enjoy and look forward to the end of year performances. They have learned that hard work equals great results which we regularly remind them applies to their academic performance in school also. It's an important life lesson. Each of the girls have confidence that I could only ever have dreamed of as child.

We will do anything to support MTAN through this difficult time. It will be more important than ever that our children will be able to return to dance after this pandemic. Thank you so much Stephanie and team. We're 100% behind you

Parent (3 children attending MTAN)

I love having fun with my friends at MTAN, making people laugh, improve on my favourite hobbies and just to have a bit of fun! My teachers are literally the best, very nice and friendly and never mind helping me. I have learnt a million bajillion dances which I love, lots of really cool and nice songs and ways to improve on my acting skills through dance and song. MTAN is the best thing that happened to me in my life. I have made so many memories that I will treasure forever and remember for the rest of my life and I have made loads of friends along the way



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